Since 1975, Johnson Seafood, in the name of CHIALY SEAFOOD, has pioneered the breeding of mud skippers in the coastal areas around Tainan, Taiwan. After having established a comprehensive production-marketing system for mud skipper products all across the nation, Johnson Seafood then launched into the importation and sale of other kinds of seafood, such as mud crabs and rock lobsters.

Devoted to the seafood business for over 30 years, Johnson Seafood is highly renowned as a credible partner by many leading international suppliers based on our flexible operations and diverse marketing channels.

The operations of Johnson Seafood span the whole of Taiwan and is the only seafood importer and wholesaler that dominates all three major fields of seafood product: live seafood, frozen seafood, and fresh chilled seafood.

Johnson Seafood products are sourced from American, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia ,Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa ,Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK and Vietnam, with the principal imported products including mud crabs, rock lobsters, salmon, silver pomfrets, prawns, scallops, abalone, and shellfish.

Combined with the locally farmed groupers and small abalone, this broad and flexible range of best quality seafood ensures the continuity of customer-supplier relationships.

Cold Storage

We have our own cold storage, which has around 10,000 tons capacity, we can therefore provide the best services to customers.

Live Seafood Holding Facilities

Our live seafood holding facilities are indoor temperature controlled system. We can keep different kind of live seafood in our tanks.

Marketing & Logistics

With integrated products, stable quality, reasonable prices, and cordial service, we strive by all means to be the staunchest suppliers of premium seafood in Taiwan.

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